Employers receive hundreds and thousands of resumes every year. Top 3 Executive Resume Mistakes You Essentially Need to AvoidHowever, only a handful of them manage to grab their attention. The reason being, there are so many do-it-yourself resumes with the same, recurring errors. What’s more disturbing is that many of them are great candidates, but in a fiercely competitive market, hiring managers don’t compromise on quality. All it takes is one minor mistake to reject an otherwise interesting candidate.

Keeping that in mind, we are presenting here some of the most common errors C-level candidates make. By avoiding these glitches, you can improve your chances of getting noticed and staying ahead of others in the competitive job market.

1.     Lacking Focus

Creating a highly focused resume is crucial to draw employers’ attention. While employers take between 2 to 20 seconds to briefly scan a resume, it should be focused enough to communicate your strengths and the ability to add value to the organization.

Employers are looking for a clear match when finding the right fit for their organization. A vague resume that does not demonstrate the capacity to meet the specific requirements of the organization may not be competitive.

One way to hone focus is developing a well-defined career objective. A specific job objective can demonstrate your competence and the ability to contribute to the organization. Besides this, including a brief summary of qualifications can also be a powerful resume opener to quickly attract the employers’ attention, showcase your competence, and reinforce your value as a prospective employee. Make sure that you tweak the objective or summary of qualifications to suit the specific requirements of the job you are applying for.

2.     Talking about Job Duties Rather than Accomplishments

C-level candidates often make mention of job duties in their resumes instead of boasting their high-level accomplishments. What they don’t realize is that it is accomplishments that sell as employers are more interested in knowing about your capacity to perform beyond your basic job responsibilities. With that in mind, create accomplishment-oriented resumes to demonstrate what and how you can outperform others. While including accomplishments, ask yourself; were my accomplishments prominent enough to set me apart from others? How did I do the job differently? What challenges did I face and how did I overcome them? How did I perform better than others? How did my efforts benefit the organization?

3.     Listing Items in an Illogical Manner

Information in a resume should be listed in accordance with the importance for readers. Consider whether your education or experience is your unique selling proposition. For instance, if you have added value to your education by attaining an MBA or other degree, it can be your key strength, and therefore should be listed first.

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