Preparing for Executive Career Transition

Career move is a major transition in your professional and personal life. This is the time when you need to re-evaluate your past and plan for the future to make sure that you utilize the time wisely. This will also help you pave a streamlined path to your new professional goals.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the challenges that lie ahead and ensure a smooth transition into a new professional life.

Identify Your Target Job Position

First off, determine the kind of job position you are seeking. Do you want to stay in the same industry or want to pursue a different career path?

Conduct a thorough research to find out about various companies in your target industry and identify the right match. Apart from this, match the target position against your personal goals, such as financial, career, pleasure, and public service objectives. If your target position cannot help you meet your personal goals, it may not be worth the consideration.

Develop and Promote Your Personal Brand

Every employee is a brand that needs marketing to be identified as a distinguishable name. Your job search may not be effective unless you make an effort to establish yourself as a clearly distinguished brand with unique selling propositions or competences. Develop a brand personality highlighting key attributes to articulate why the prospective employer should hire you. Consider what you wish for people to associate with you and the area in which you want to be perceived as an expert to develop a personality that is the true representation of ‘you’.

Besides this, audit your online presence to understand your current standing and develop an online marketing strategy to cultivate a strong personal brand online. As modern employers greatly rely on online intelligence, creating a favorable image over the internet is crucial when making a career move.

Develop an Achievement-Oriented Executive Resume

When hiring C-level managers, the primary focus is on the achievements of candidates to find out how they can lead the organization and drive it toward success. With that in mind, executives need to develop achievement-oriented resumes to demonstrate their achievements and contributions to previous companies. Use the Situation-Task-Action-Results formula for developing a comprehensive summary of achievements.

Expand Your Network

Your professional network can greatly help in making the right career move. When planning a move, connect with professionals and industry leaders as well as join professional and industry-related associations to start building an alliance that can help you find the most suitable job for the move.

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