If you’re like most LinkedIn users, you must be already taking advantage of the ‘Summary, Education, and LinkedInExperience’ section of your profile. But are you getting the most out of it?

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for job seekers; in fact, 78% of recruiters have hired potential candidates through looking at their social media profiles, with LinkedIn leading by a wide margin.

Recruiters Consider Candidates Based On Negative and Positive Qualities

About 93% of recruiters indicated in a recent JobVite.com survey that they looked at a candidate’s social profile when recruiting; while 42% reconsidered the potentiality of a candidate based on negatives or positives found on their profile.

LinkedIn offers a number of optimization tools, that if properly used, can increase profile visibility. Take a look at the following tips for better profile optimization and you’ll be all set in the job search.

First of All: Identify Target Keywords and Phrases

Nowadays, HR recruiters and management make use of software that allows them to sift through and scan thousands of resumes, selecting the most suited ones. You can easily optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume so that both have the relevant keywords an industry’s or company’s HR manager will look for.

Google’s Keyword Planner is one such tool that can be used to correctly identify SEO keywords. Begin by logging into your Google Adwords account, click on tools and choose keyword planner. If you don’t have a Google Adwords account, don’t worry. Head over to the strategic resume writing consultants, PunchyResume and take advantage of the keyword enriched resume optimization on offer.

Emphasize Your Professional Skills

Haven’t added skills to your LinkedIn profile? You’re missing out on a great opportunity! Adding in skills will optimize your profile with specific keywords that recruiters will search for when hiring. Also, getting quick endorsements from connections in your profile is a good way to authenticate and get those skills out there.

Highlight Industry-Related Coursework

While not all courses come with certification, you can add the ones you’ve taken and which apply to the industry in the Courses section. This can include the courses you took at university, those completed as part of your training or those offered by recognized organizations within the industry.LinkedIn Groups

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

Participation in LinkedIn Groups is important and an easy way to improve overall ranking and visibility of your profile. It comes second to having a large professional or personal network. So, if you see stagnation in connection with new contacts, join LinkedIn groups and boost your profile activity and ranking.

Worried about your LinkedIn profile not attracting attention from job recruiters? PunchyResume’s keyword enriched resume writing service will help improve visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

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