Building Better Relationships with Executive RecruitersThe first instinct people have when looking for a job is to have as many resources and tools at their disposal to help them with their job search. Executive recruiters are one such resource that could aid individuals in their search for the ideal job.

Which is why, having good professional relationship with your executive recruiter is very important. More important however is showing promise to the recruiter, i.e. making him/her think that they are certain they want to represent you.

Take help from the following tips to manage a good, strong relationship with executive recruiters.

Know What You Want

Inform the recruiter if you only have the skills to work in a certain area – industry wise – or if you’ll work only in a certain area – geographically wise.

However, keep this in mind; you’ll receive few options, the smaller and thinner the search parameters are. One more important note: if you don’t really mean something, don’t say it!

Don’t Forget To Provide References

Job-seekers mustn’t forget to do this. When sending your resume to recruiters, include three names and their contact information for reference purposes. The 3 references can be anyone! Your former boss, a colleague or someone you managed recently. This will increase an executive recruiter’s desire to represent you to clients who are seeking candidates for any position.

Remember To Ask Intelligent Questions

As a job seeking individual, you can show how much job search savvy you’re by asking smart questions when a recruiters contacts about any career opportunity. Good questions to ask are; the size of the employer’s business, company culture, and the competencies needed for getting the position and if there are any other candidates being considered.

Stay Involved Till the End

In order to stay on their radar, it’s a good idea to check in with the recruiter about once in every two weeks.

This is unless you have something important to report i.e. feedback or any progress which in case you should Show That You’re Seriousreport as necessary. You don’t want the recruiter to be embarrassed by calling and scheduling an interview with a company you already went for recently. Another thing you can do: research as many companies as possible and select the ones considered a strong fit for your skills and capability.

Show That You’re Serious

Not only that, show the recruiter you trust him/her. Many job seekers don’t seem to understand the importance of trust in the recruiter-job seeker relationship. Imagine you’re registered with multiple recruitment agencies. This conveys that you have no faith in their ability to find you a good job.

It’s much better to build an excellent relationship with one good executive recruiter than have no agency or professional ready to represent you. If you’re looking to update your resume, we can help you out.

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