4 Online Profile Changes to Make before Starting C-Level Job SearchSocial media platforms are one of the rapidly growing tools in the job market. These platforms are a great source of information for companies to connect with job seekers as well as to find out how well they can fit with the company’s culture.

While social media plays a pivotal role in the hiring process, it is important for job seekers to create a powerful online presence to improve their chances of getting hired.

If you are about to embark on the job search, here are a few essential changes you need to make to ensure a favorable online image.

1.     Update Your Social Media Profiles

Make sure that your online profile is a true reflection of your offline personality. For example, if you are a social sciences professional, your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts should reflect that. When your profile articulates the interests, preferences, and opinions closely related to your profession, it may create a positive impact on the people seeking to hire you.

2.     Curate Your Search Results

Recruiters primarily focus on top ten search results when finding a candidate. Rather than leaving search results to fate, proactively shape your online presence. Post keyword-rich content on social media pages to improve your chances of appearing at the top positions in search results. You can also develop a website or start a blog with a personalized domain name to improve your search engine rankings.

3.     Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Instead of relying on the privacy settings of social media service providers, make customized changes to prevent these platforms from distributing information about your life over the internet freely. Also, be mindful of what you share online to protect your personal data from third-party brokers who compile profiles about online users without your knowledge.

4.     Remove Objectionable Content

According to a survey, 71 percent employers get turned off by posts of sexual nature, 65 percent consider profanity as unacceptable, while 61 percent get negatively influenced by bad spelling and grammar. This means employers are being more mindful of what you communicate and how you communicate online as these are the indicators of how you would fit in with their culture. Make sure that your profile is free of content that could create a bad impression about your personality and behavior. Also, be more vigilant of what you share and how you communicate with your audience over social media.

Along with a strong online presence, be mindful of how you make the first impression through your resume. Our executive resume writing specialists take care of even the minutest of details to back your online image. From resume writing services to job application support, we can provide you all kinds of solutions to help you make an impeccable first impression. Contact us to get more details at 011-535-5757.

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